Monday 2 March 2015

Abstraction of CPV

Authored by Fahad Amjad

CPV known as Common Procurement Vocabulary is a concept which is refer to the coding process of different Procurement divisions. CPV has different numerical codes which was developed by the European Union specifically for the Public procurement. The main idea behind the development of these codes was to help the procurement divisions to classify the contract discern constant and correctly to help the suppliers to find the notices regarding the contracts which are useful for them by using a standardized vocabulary.

CPV actually construct a single dimension classification system for public procurement with the purpose of standardized the codes used by the organization regarding to their procurement contracts. This coding systems actually based on a tree based structure with different categorizations for which organization authorities tends to classify their suppliers according to that structure. If we talk about the quantity of these numeric codes these are actually in sum 8 digits coding but some count it as 9 digit coding which is consider as Check digit. There is a proper CPV classification structure which consist of divisions, groups, classes and categories.

Divisions: first two digits of the code XX000000-Y
Groups: first three digits of the code XXX00000-Y
Classes: first four digits of the code XXXX0000-Y
Categories: first five digits of the code XXXXX000-Y