Tuesday 21 June 2016

Properly align and staff the supply chain organization

It can be difficult to organize the supply chain function in a way that will maximize its effectiveness and bring commensurate benefits to the company. Some companies are best served by embedding proficient supply chain management professionals in various business units. For others, a more centralized operation is most effective. Many of the progressive companies we have worked with, however, have adopted a hybrid approach that combines a centralized strategy to gain consensus with decentralized execution  to improve service.

Monday 20 June 2016

3 Easy Steps to Support Cost Reduction Efforts

Managing costs with limited resources poses a particularly difficult challenge to corporate procurement leaders. The more resource-constrained a procurement department, the more likely it is that the overall business may be sensitive to cost. However, a lack of procurement resources can make it even more difficult to achieve tangible cost savings, given shrinking buying power, inability to invest in spend analytics, or for other reasons.

Here are three suggestions to help those who find themselves in such circumstances: