Monday 23 February 2015

Welcome to Private Sector Thought Leadership Paper (To Bid or Not to Bid? 5 Best Practices for Asking RFP Questions)

As the growth of eSourcing continues and more and more buyers are being exposed to electronic sourcing tools, we are finding that although the technology has evolved significantly, the methodology hasn't necessarily kept pace. When moving to an eSourcing solution, buyers tend to hand us a Word or Excel file and expect the RFP to be created, question for question, as an exact replica in electronic format. 

Tejari is delighted to publish Thought Leadership Paper for Private Sector to help you understand just how well developed your capabilities are and what you need to do to improve them. This white paper explains a number of approaches that executives and decision makers can take to build a collaborative eProcurement infrastructure and unlock cash from their business.

Please click on below mentioned link to download Thought Leadership Paper for Private Sector;