Monday 22 December 2014

Managing Supplier Risk

We are pleased to announce that the fourth and final Tejari Online Briefing on 'Managing Supplier Risk' is now live!

The final online briefing in the series hosted by Tejari Pakistan Assistant Manager Business Development Usama Shahid covers:
  • A recap on the first three briefings
  • Defining what risk is
  • How you can identify, manage and mitigate your risks
  • Some takeaways from the briefing

Watch the briefing by clicking on the button below

Tuesday 16 December 2014

eProcurement Enhances Organizational Performance

Web-enabled applications for business-to-business (B2B) procurement are not only expected to reduce the cost of purchasing process but also to alter the activities of purchasing, transform the purchasing process from an operational into a strategic activity and provide opportunities for improving market coordination by reducing asset specificity and by making additional partners available. The results driven through implementing Web-based e-procurement system not only enhance the performance of the buyer organization but also enhance the performance of the supplier organization and improve partner relationship management.

Friday 12 December 2014

Common Challenges in Procurement Cycle

Authored by  Junaid Khan 

Complaints and problems are natural part of every business. But on other side complaints and problems gives a us a chance to change the things and decisions. In the Material management we can elucidate this as reevaluating the existing procedures and approaches in orders to contribute more to corporate success. Below please find the review of some common challenges. 

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Advantages of eProcurement

Authored by Usama Shahid

E-procurement advantages are becoming more evident as the wider understanding of its many uses become apparent. The main reason companies have embraced e-procurement is to increase productivity, provide visibility into day-to-day transactions and make it easier for users to get the supplies that they need.

It has not been an easy road for e-procurement as implementation has its challenges and it has taken time for business managers and procurement departments to fully accept it. The advantages of e-procurement are slowly being understood:

Friday 5 December 2014

Risk Management in Purchasing Process

Authored by Fahad Amjad

One of the Key functions of supply management is to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flows of goods and materials. Today, organizations operate in increasingly complex and uncertain environments with high risks of supply disruptions making supply management an increasingly Very complex task.