Thursday, 2 October 2014

Provocation of Supply Chain Management

Authored by Fahad Amjad
Current supply chains are growing in  convolution due to many factors. The customers are demanding unconventional products at their earliest and at a reasonable price. This factor creates challenges for companies since creating both responsive and cost-effective supply chains is critically very  difficult. Few of challenges has been highlighted in this discussion.

Measuring supply chain management effectiveness: Choosing a metrics to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of a company's supply chain management activities is one the top dilemma faced by a supply chain management. This also involves disagreements between different departments of a company.

Prioritizing resources deployment: Companies find it very challenging to categorize where and in what order to implement its resources.

Recruiting and keeping supply chain management expertise: Supply chain management, though, is a broadly understood activity in an organisation, it is not easy to find a person with complete knowledge and expertise of the numerous areas of supply chain management. To retain a capable employee, they must be placed in the right place in an organisation.