Tuesday 21 October 2014

Marketing Procurement Managers Ensures Cost Savings

Authored by Usman Ghani

A recently survey defined that around 42 percent of the companies use marketing agencies for there procurement.a marketing procurement managers are mostly technically goods in generating results in healthy procurement, they can manage and create strong relationship with vendors, there intellectuals are good with vendors and in the market.

If your company needs business strategies and cost savings, it is important to have a strong and good relationship with the marketing leadership, this will create good level of trust.

This role of the job is also responsible for the strategic direction for the consumer insight ,this position is very much for the development of sourcing strategies and category plans to support Consumer insight business to include supply market and industry analysis.Supplier segmentation strategies,supplier qualifications and transition activities are defined in it.

Marketing procurement managers know how to deal in the market by having transparent negotiations with vendors and creating strong relationship plan with them which is very helpful for an organization as we know that markets are mostly know the markets and its trends so it easy for them to negotiate,deal, with vendors and bring cost savings to the organizations.

Further more related cost savings and procurement strategies and our personal experiences in the field of procurement and how these action to be performed stay tune with us.