Monday 11 May 2015

Developing Adequately Association in Procurement Procedure

Importance of effective partnership in a whole procurement process is consider very vital for the smooth operations. Developing effective partnership and transparency during procurement process apparently helps to achieve better results.

Transmission and working together are the most key factors in procurement process. Bundle of different documents often become headache for the suppliers un necessarily burden of documentation creates Complications and pressure to the suppliers which is the main cause of discourage them, they exactly need to know what services they have to provide or offer under what conditions etc. Making it simpler, easier and clearer for suppliers to any project or tender will not only help to make whole process easier but it will also enable suppliers to use their time and resources to create a solution that adds value and enhances services. Other important factor is relation ship with the suppliers so everything should be on board related to the tenders and projects. As a supplier side it is important to have an complete idea of the clients operational structure, so appropriate contract governance model can be designed in order to achieve targets and goals. In a current market situation challenges now for Buyers and suppliers increasing to achieve better procurement outcomes in facilities management. Through a clear understanding and with better relationship , corporate culture and expectations the right people can deliver the right solution to make this process more efficient.