Monday 13 April 2015

Employee Well-Being Programmes

Authored by Afaq Khan

If we talk about in the modern era workplaces employee or staff well-being is now consider as most increasingly and necessary thought. If we define in a simple way Well-being is actually refer to the feeling mentally relax, living safely and healthy, it actually defines that not allowing our daily workload to undercut our elementary need in our daily life. Well Being Thoroughly remarkable aspect of work and career growth. Higher Management in the organizations generally believes that the employee affection towards his professional responsibilities, emotional attachment towards their coworkers leads to higher work performance in the workplace but ultimately Well-being programs also play vital role in that. 

Escalation due to technological advances has blurred the lines between professional and personal lives. Working professionals spend an average of 50 hours a week completing work assignments, even when they are not at work. This 24/7 work cycle takes a physical and mental toll, making it critical for HR and Line Managers to focus on not only making the physical work environment safe, but on understanding how the psychological and social elements of the job influence the well-being of their employees. The results of one of the research conducted by the society of Human Resource Management revealed that unhealthy employee is not only 20% less productive than a healthy one, but is also twice as likely to fall ill, the equivalent of one day per week. These findings have made employee health and well-being a top boardroom issue worldwide.

It state that employees look for employers who will support both their personal and professional goals, organizations can establish their reputation as employers of choice instituting Well Being Programs that ensure a happy and content workforce. This adds to workforce productivity and improves retention rates. Therefore, Employee Well Being programs which can include gyms and fitness centers, cafeterias that serve healthy food and on-site counseling services are no longer nice to have HR policy.