Friday 18 July 2014

Discovering Opportunites through Spend Analysis

Tejari Pakistan is back for a second year with their series of free online briefings aimed at Procurement and Supply Management professionals within the Middle Eastern Region. The series was a huge success last year with briefings on Running Successful eAuctions, Best Practices in Programme and ProcessManagement and Visibility through Contract Management.

What can you expect?

The knowledge sharing briefings will act as a forum for Tejari Pakistan to share their experiences and best practice approaches to the adoption and use of their technologies. This year’s topics include; Discovering Opportunities through Spend Analysis, Managing your Supplier Community, Maximizing Sourcing Value and Managing Supplier Risk.

Discovering Opportunities through Spend Analysis

The first briefing on Discovering Opportunities through Spend Analysis is now live and covers the following areas: 
  1. Identifying opportunities through Spend Analysis
  2. Quantifying your opportunities
  3. Prioritizing your opportunities based on effort/outcome 
  4. Planning your execution

The next briefing, Managing your Supplier Community opens in August and the remaining two briefings in October and November.