Wednesday 21 May 2014

ERP Systems Can Magnify Data Vision, Improve Managerial Effectiveness

Authored by Fahad Amjad

Poor data visibility is something that can have an effect on an organizations entire operations process, whether from technology point of view or sales activity. With increasing competition globally and margins for error is less the wrong selection can create negative impact on entire organization. Data visibility is a key to any important decision-making process, however it not only includes having access to all the relevant information, but having pertinent information available at the right moment. Andy Lewis, CIO of Kovarus (Integrated IT Expertise) said “It is critical to first understand where you are now and how you can adapt what you have before you can effectively adopt and integrate new technology innovations”.

A recent study revealed that many organizations are lacking in this regard. A large number of IT professionals said they did not have the resources to manage data about their different tech-related Projects, as a result they are not able to measure the daily performance of their tech-related projects. Just think , If a large number of IT professionals don’t have access to relevant reports at the right moment, what about salespeople and executives?

(ERP) systems can provide constant data across the workplace. Not only that, they can be designed,customized to meet the particular business-related goals of a company. Its a system that helps to bring all of your data into a single view, and produces one report that gives you the entire global picture of your operations. Sales and operations-focused ERP systems have the ability to integrate relevant data. It enables employees to access the right information and reports when they need them.

An ERP system covers common functional areas e.g. Data services, Customer relationship management, Project management, Supply chain management, Order Processing. This systems provides many useful business solution components e.g. Transactional database, Management portal/dashboard, Business intelligence system, Customizable reporting, Resource planning, Work flow management.

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